Interactive, reproducible and efficient data analytics

What is Quibbler?

Quibbler is a toolset for building highly interactive, yet reproducible, transparent and efficient data analysis pipelines. Quibbler allows using standard Python syntax to process data through any series of analysis steps, while automatically maintaining connectivity between downstream results and upstream raw data sources.

Quibbler facilitates and embraces human interventions as an inherent part of the analysis pipeline: input parameters, as well as exceptions and overrides, can be specified and adjusted either programmatically, or by interacting with “live” graphics, and all such interventions are automatically recorded in well-documented human-machine readable files.

Changes to such parameters propagate downstream, pinpointing which specific data items, or even specific elements thereof, are affected, thereby vastly saving unnecessary recalculations.

, therefore, facilitates hands-on interactions with data in ways that are not only flexible, fun and interactive, but also traceable, well-documented, and highly efficient.


Main Features

Here are a few of the things that Quibbler does:

» Easily build powerful GUI-like interaction with data, without a need for callbacks and event listeners.

» Interactive specification of inputs and overrides of parameter values.

» Automatically create human-readable records of user interventions and parameter specifications.

» Independently calculate, cache and validate/invalidate individual slices of heavy-to-calculate arrays.

» Present a dependency graph between raw data and downstream results.

» Provide inherent undo/redo functionalities.

All-of-the-above using completely standard functions and programming syntax – there is very little to learn to get started!

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