A competition for writing a short elegant and effective Quibbler-based apps

In 2023, we launched the “Best quibble award” competition, in order to get engagement from users and developers and to learn of the range of applications for Quibbler.
To get feedback and ideas for applications, and get it all fun and engaging, we announced a competition for the best “Quibble” – a short elegant Quibbler-based code that demonstrates fun interactive graphics and/or hints to ideas of applications.

Award criteria:

» max 40 lines
» Elegant coding
» Demonstrating cool and fun interactive graphics
» Hinting to creative application domains

Award committee
Roy Kishony (Technion)
Michael Elowitz (Caltech)
Itai Yanai (NYU)

Winners of the “Best Quibble Award”

First place ($300 award):
Yevgeni Nogin, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology (Yoav Shechtman’s lab)
Image analysis application

Second place ($180 award):
Anonymous, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Manual k-means application

Third place ($100 award):
Rashi Jeeda, Caltech
Spatial tape application